Pam’s Centennial Sampler Quilt

This is a wonderful assortment of 5″ blocks made in reproduction fabrics.   The pattern is Centennial Sampler by Judie Rothermel. 


Some of the prints were sooo  cute!

Simflex expanding tool used for marking equal spaces in a shape.

Picture overload, they all sort of look the same as a thumbnail so I just went ahead a put them all in here.  I was trying to get a photo of all the blocks. 

Double sashings, a fantastic swag applique border.   But a daunting task to quilt!   I have a hard time minimizing quilting plans, my style leans toward filling up the space!   This was my attempt at lighter custom (ie less hours invested in the quilting).  I chose to frame each piece with a quick crosshatch  that would also showcase the cornerstone “star” at each intersection and could be quilted continuously across the frame.  Next I would surround each block in the narrow border with a little feather.  Many of the prints I thought would not show quilting but I was very surprised when I got it off the frame and how much texture did show.  Freehand designs inside the blocks.    Larger feather in the border, minimal stitching in the applique and a large piano key type outer border.   So many design elements in this quilt it is really hard for me to design with a lighter custom plan.   Maybe a 1st for me, I used one thread color!  Using 1 thread lets you save time also because you can stitch continuously from the feathers into the blocks etc.   Ditching, detail work, everything in one thread.

Fantastic quilt Pam, thanks for the opportunity to custom quilt this for you!