Longarm Services

Longarm Quilting Services:
Beautiful edge to edge designs are created on my  22″ Innova with Mach 3 Auto pilot computer system.  I offer a wide array of beautiful designs and have an extensive collection of threads to enhance your quilt.

Edge to Edge Computer Quilting:
A pantograph or edge to edge design allows us to stitch continuously across the quilt top, crossing over all piecing.  The design unifies the quilt with one color thread and one pattern, resulting in a lovely and budget-friendly quilt.    There are many beautiful designs to choose from, ranging from simple geometric patterns to intricate feathers, swirls, and leaves.  Density usually ranges from ¾” to 2” apart on lines of stitching and offers an affordable and beautiful option for most quilts.   I add to my digital collection frequently and will special order new designs upon request.  Minimum charge for computer guided edge to edge quilting:   $50

See the menu for DESIGNS .  You may choose the design, you may prefer to discuss with me to determine the best style of edge to edge design and thread choice for your quilt or you may prefer that I choose an appropriate design and thread to enhance your quilt based on my experience.  Additional information can be found HERE for submitting an order.

Edge to edge designs are offered starting at  2 cents psi (per square inch) for quilting charges and increase with density.  Thread and batting charges are extra and detailed below.  Thread is a flat fee of $8 per quilt or $10 for variegated threads.

Sales tax is collected for all Texas residents  of 8.25%.


Custom Quilting Services

5/2018   Due to complications with surgery, I am not taking any new clients at this time.   As my recovery progresses, this may change.  I am only offering edge to edge quilting services at this time.

Custom quilting is done utilizing my own freehand quilting to create a beautiful, one of a kind quilt that you will cherish forever.  Styles vary greatly.  Individual blocks and borders are quilted separately and may utilize fills, stencils, stitch in the ditch, feathers, etc.  Each custom is treated individually and actual billing is based on an hourly basis, converted to a psi rate for your convenience in estimating.   There is such a wide variety of quilt patterns, fabrics, type of quilting desired that is difficult to have a specific rate that fits all.   A general guideline of different levels of custom quilting has been summarized.

Freehand Edge to Edge Quilting
This style is similar to pantograph quilting but is all freehand.  Quilting ranges from loose utility quilting like meander, loose stipple, loops, or organic shapes to dense swirls, feathers, etc.  Freehand edge to edge options start at 3 cents psi.  Options also include customizing with an all over freehand  in the body of your quilt plus  border details.  Minimum charge $75.00

Basic Custom consists of  block and border treatments, or the center of a quilt being filled with a freehand design with separate border and sashing treatments.  Designs are larger in scale but uniform in density throughout the quilt.  Generally no or very little stitch in the ditch quilting.   Minimum of $150.  Prices generally run 4-5 cents psi.

Medium Custom includes moderate stitch in the ditch, or more detailed block and border treatments, continuous curve designs, feathers or more ruler work to the designs.  These elements are used to create a medium density of quilting that works with your piecing design.  Prices start @ $0.05 psi.

Full Custom includes all of the same elements of medium density custom but in greater density or may  include cross hatching, extensive stitch in the ditch, or more ruler work in general than medium density.  Prices start @ 6 – 10 cents psi

Heirloom or Show Quilting is the highest level of custom quilting offered.  It utilizes all the standard custom techniques but then adds those extra special touches such as trapunto, tight micro fills, original designs, densely quilted motifs of an intricate nature, extensive stitch in the ditch or ruler work, crosshatching and detailed secondary design elements.  Quilting in this catagory is usually reserved for those extra-special or unique quilts where the quilting is an intregal part of the quilt itself and the longarm quilter is considered to be a vital partner in creating your masterpiece.  Many different threads may be used and many hours of quilting are to be expected.  Prices are billed at an hourly rate, usually averaging from 8-15 cents psi.
For a more detailed estimate for your quilt, please call or email and I will be happy to assist you!


Backing must be a minimum of 10″ longer and  10″ wider than the top in order to load properly onto the frame.  For example, a 60″ x 75″ quilt top needs backing and batting to be at least 70″ x 85″.

If piecing your backing, please remove selvages before seaming.  Use 1/2″ seams and press open.  This allows the seam to lie flat on your backing.
Backing and Top edges should be even and squared to result in a flat and square quilt.  Mark the quilt top and backing top with a safety pin if quilt is directional.

If you want me to piece your  backing yardage to required size my fees are a flat fee of  $25 minimum plus $10 each seam.

Thread and Batting
Threads – Only the highest quality threads from well known companies like Superior, Fil-tech, and Aurifil are used.  There are many types and colors of thread to choose from.  Thread color can blend or contrast with your quilt. Thread type often depends on the use the quilt will receive.  The top and bobbin thread will be the same or a similar thread color.  Together we can choose the best threads to enhance the beauty your quilt.

Pricing – Computerized edge to edge quilting is a standard fee of $8 for solid color thread or $10 for variegated thread.

Custom quilting may require in excess of 20 bobbins of threads.  I bill $2.50 per bobbin for threads used in custom quilting.

I stock  Quilters Dream battings for your convenience.  Their quality is outstanding and your quilts deserve only the very best, inside and out!  Batting on the roll is sold by the inch so you only need to buy as much as you need.

Quilters Dream  80/20  –  93″ roll                          $0.27 linear inch

Quilters Dream Blends  70/30  –  93″ roll             $0.28 linear inch

Quilters Dream Wool   120″ roll                              $0.42 linear inch

Quilters Dream Puff     93″ roll                                $0.21 linear inch

Quilters Dream Midnight Black    120″                  $0.26 linear inch

I also have some bagged battings like Warm and Natural, or 100% cotton.  Check with me if you are interested in a different type of batting.   I also can order Quilters Dream Silk but do not stock it.

Other Services

Prep. Work – For example piecing, or squaring up backs. Repairing open seams.  This will be discussed with you in advance.  See Additional services near the end of this list.

Binding – I am not offering binding services at this time but if you do have a need, I do have someone that would love to do this type of work for you.

Trimming is available upon request.  Please advise if you would like trimmed equal to the quilt top or if you would like 1/4″ extra all around.  Trimming fee  $10


  • Press your Top and Backing well.
  • Clip any stray threads (especially dark threads!) from the back of the top to reduce the chance of them showing on the front.
  • Correct any wavy or full borders in the top to reduce the chance of pleats or tucks occurring during quilting.
  • Avoid fullness in borders by measuring your top in 3 areas, cutting the borders to fit the average (note if you are not within an inch on those 3 numbers you should re-work some of the piecing to get the top square), pinning to the top, then ease in any slight fullness.  Please Do not just cut a long strip, sew it on, than cut it off excess!
  • Do not baste or pin the quilt layers together.
  • Do not add any embellishments until after all quilting is complete.
  • Stay-stitch any bias and/or pieced edge borders to reduce stretching and to keep those seams locked.
  • If shipping, carefully fold all layers, seal in plastic bag, and pack in sturdy shipping box.
  • If you have any questions about quilt prep, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Specialty Services

  • Only charged with customer approval.
  • All fees are $25 an hour with a $10 minimum charge.
  • Some specialty situations might be:
    • Pressing backing or quilt top in preparation for loading on the longarm.
    • Trimming excessive stray threads that are showing through from the back of the top.
    • Mending any open seams or holes.
    • Seaming and piecing backing yardage to required size.  $25 minimum plus $10 each seam.
    • Removing and remaking parts of the top, ie: oversized borders, blocks set in wrong, etc.
  • To eliminate or reduce these extra charges, please take a few moments to make sure your quilt is in top notch shape.  Press your top, trim the stray threads, check for open seams (especially on older tops) and correct orientation of blocks, piece and press the backing yourself, and apply borders correctly.   By following the quilt preparation guidelines above, you will be able to save your money for more fabric!

Scheduling –  Two schedules are maintained.

  1. Computerized Edge to Edge – First come first served schedule.   Turnaround time is currently less than  2 weeks.
  2. Custom quilting – On hold at present.  I do reserve quilting appointments in advance and am booked several months out most of the time.  Many clients call me before they even start piecing their quilt to get on my schedule.  I will call or email you  approx. 45 days prior to your scheduled date.   Quilts do not need to be in my possession until near your scheduled time for quilting.

Payment – Due in full at time of pickup or prior to return shipping.  Cash, personal checks, and Paypal is accepted

Shipping – Actual shipping charges, plus insurance and/or tracking.  UPS Ground or USPS Priority unless otherwise requested.

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Prices and Information subject to change without notice.