Pam’s Centennial Sampler Quilt

This is a wonderful assortment of 5″ blocks made in reproduction fabrics.   The pattern is Centennial Sampler by Judie Rothermel.   Some of the prints were sooo  cute!Simflex expanding tool used for marking equal spac…


My Amish With a Twist 3

Nancy Rink has designed 3 versions with the same name for 1, 2 and 3.   I loved #1… never got around to making it.   I  really really loved #2.   Had the good fortune to quilt #2 for a client.   You can see photos of that gorgeous quilt HERE.   Then, I started seeing photos online of #3 and while attending a local show, The Quilt Room nearby was offering this kitted as a BOM.   I signed up. for them to mail to me each month.  I was not going to go for strike 3 on this one.   I made the quilt during my annual August retreat, put it on my schedule to quilt in December… but that didn’t happen.   Slid it into March of this year and it was a scramble getting that 108″ done… but I got it done and mostly stayed on schedule.   I had entered it in St Mary’s non-judged show for April and was sewing the last 3′ of binding while my husband drove me to the drop off location.  Whew… I cut it close!   Still not a proper photo shoot but it’s been 2 months… I need to post and move on.

This quilt is so large, it really creases hard at the center. 

I changed thread on those multi colored blocks.


In progress on the frame

Notice, the quilt is all dark, the batting is Hobbs Midnight Black 80/20.   I had issues right off starting with my tension test on the side.   I was getting white dots on the back.   From where??!!   It’s all dark.   Apparently, the lighter thread color from the backing… see below.

I will wash this and see if the white specks are less noticeable.

See those flecks.  I use titanium, FFG – light ball point needles as my main needle, I tried “R” which is a sharp… did not make a bit of difference.   I was already using a 16 and did not want to try a smaller size needle.    I had to resign myself to my quilting schedule and move on with this backing.  I would have lost a day to go shopping and reload the back.  It seems I have the worst luck with my quilts, rarely ever issues like this on a clients.    My last personal custom was my Gravity in January of 2016…. I had Sew Fine #408 shred and shred,  Even used 2 cones, they both would shred… but the 20 other colors I used had no problems.   I am resigned to the fact  that if it is my quilt… it’s going to give me fits.

Helper day.   Kadie is the black heap under the frame, Gizzy in his little diaper belt and Kricket with toys beside her.   Talk about trying to watch my step as I moved across the frame….   They don’t usually hang out like that with me but for some reason they were showing me some love that day.
In progress pictures.   I take photos so that when I get to the other side, I know what I stitched!

So… not only the white spots… but my navy bottom line bobbin thread created numerous snarls that had to be unpicked and re-stitched.   Ugh.   Why me??

Then, as I’m nearing the finish… I realize where the heck is my binding strips for this quilt?   I never did find it.   A good friend had the same quilt in her projects to be done and “loaned” me her binding and even cut it for me with her die cutter.

And a couple of pics from #2 that I quilted.

I think next time I choose a quilt pattern that I want to make so I can quilt it…. I want it to be about 60″  Whew this one is really too big to hang at our show @ 108″ wide.  I’m not going to put on our bed after all those hours of quilting.   I don’t remember the total and not pulling my notes.  I had budged 25 hours… but it took a lot longer than that.  There is just so much of this thing to quilt.   Done, off my bucket list.   Moving on!




Star Bright Glacier Star

Photo overload on this but I do have some step by step processes on this one.  This was my most bold thread attempt I think I have ever done.  I wasn’t even sure if it would work but I was willing to try out one set of rays and rip it out if I did not like it.

Lou Ellen is a good friend of mine, fellow WWIT bee member and a master at piecing anything.   She had a vision for this quilt.   Diane Phillips “supernova quilt” had caught her attention.  She wanted to do something a little on the wild side and play with crystals.  She requested long extended points behind the compass rays.    I thought, those all look like crystals added to that quilt.   What if I quilt in thread colors to match each rainbow section?   I had not done this before, wasn’t sure I could pull it off but I was intrigued.  I pulled my threads.
But first I ditched and was able to do some fills before working on each color.   I do love The Quilted Pineapple curved rulers!   #8 was a perfect fit for these units.
Unquilted on the wall – Lou Ellen and I were trying to decide which way was going to be the top.   It can really look different as you turn this quilt hanging the top at each of those 4 locations.  This was our favorite version that seemed balanced.
Crawling underneath the frame looking at the backing

#8 Curved Ruler and Superiors Micro Quilter 100 wt thread.  I loved that thread for ditching this quilt. 
Trying it out.   First I had to draw in a design that I liked that gave the appearance of overlapping rays.  Next was the problem that I had so many starts and stops.  Using Glide threads, those end must be buried.  I find if I were to just snip those, they often fray at the edge and there is no getting rid of that bit of fuzzy end.  Because of the design I chose, I could not backtrack to get to the next section because it was high contrast thread.   I did give up on the small compass detail and backtracked in that curve.   If I had not, I would have had 20…. Yes TWENTY starts and stops on that tiny section.   As the old saying goes… Time is money…. so I backtracked.   Just no other option.

I even changed thread color for each of those rays.

Starting to look nice!   I also allowed space for Lou Ellen to be creative with her crystals. 

Looking down from my sewing room (Previously my longarm room)

Oh those colors made me happy to see them each morning

Backing side

Blue Ribbon at Greater Houston Quilt Show


At quilt retreat this past week, several had black and rainbow quilts for show and tell.  Lou Ellen made #1 and #3.  #2 is Denise Green (Holly Dee Quilts – Judy Niemeyer CI)  and #4 is a Ann Moore (local DSM quilting instructor). and on the table unquilted is another by Denise Green.

I know, way too many pictures.  I love this quilt and I am so happy that Lou Ellen challenged my skills to create something very “out of the box” for me.   Lou Ellen picked up it up on Friday, bound it over the weekend and then had to deliver on Monday for that show.  Next local show will be in the fall so she has time to work out the next phase of her transformation.   I cannot wait to see what she does with this!

Kathryn’s Lumina Feathered Star

Kathryn finished her top at our retreat last summer and has waited patiently for her time slot for some playful light custom quilting.   These bright colors made my job so much fun!  This is another Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx paper pieced p…


Suzie’s Paradise in Blooms

This is my 6th time to quilt a Paradise in Blooms quilt, a Quiltworx, Judy Niemeyer pattern!  This one will become a bed quilt and originally was to be lighter custom but Suzie saw the one I quilted for Lou Ellen in a similar colorway and really liked the quilting dimension she saw in the photos.  We changed a few things around, different feathers, double batting.  It really pops!  I used Quilters Dream 70/30 with Quilters Dream Wool on top for nice dimension and a variety of Glide, Isacord and Superior threads.

Suzie took it straight from the box and had to see in in the bedroom it will grace once binding is complete.  Beautiful!

What an awesome embroidered label she made directly onto one of the backing fabric panels.

even with busy fabrics you still see a good deal of detail from the back

I added a little geometric design to the bottom corners.

What a lovely quilt to sleep under.  I really like the QD combo of battings.    Not too puffy in in the larger areas but enough to really make a difference compared to 1 batting.  Thank you Suzie for the opportunity to quilt for you and I’m looking forward to seeing what is under your needle next!
As for me…I’m approaching 2 years that my Paradise in Blooms has been a stalled work in progress.   Someday!

Brown and Blue Stars

Another lovely bed quilt for Sally.  This was large!   If you count the blocks, there are 50…. FIFTY large blocks used counting the star blocks, alternate blocks, setting triangles and corner setting triangle units.  


I was seeking fast alternatives for this quilt,  if you average 1 hour per block that’s 50 hours – plus borders.  Sally does not like feathers so that eliminated most time saving one stop/start designs from my standard bag of tricks.  Continuous curves would be great in the star blocks but the more open blocks screamed ruler work to me but that gets costly too.  I have a hard time keeping things on the light side of custom!  I am not proficient at custom on my computerized system yet, in fact no formal training for custom at all was given.  I am working through screens now but not still working on scrap projects.   This would have been a perfect quilt for computerized quilting, to drop in a gorgeous block over each unit.  So… that left … Stencils!   I had a few that worked well with the design, however as usual not quiet as large as I would have liked, they did hit some key elements nicely within the blocks.
I finally settled on a stencil and freehand viney design for the border that I tried to incorporate the leaf in the print.   What I had forgotten was how bouncy that chalk is!    Not my favorite technique at all…. but it is a nice look on this quilt.