Bubbles quilting

Here is one of my new favorite designs, stitched out on Sally’s fun quilt.   I do not know the fabric line, fun modern fabrics that screamed for some type of geometric quilting.  This design is called Bubbles b2b (border to border) by Anne Bright.    It is awesome!   Well to me anyway.   I’ve already used this one on another quilt and look forward to using it on your quilt.   The really nice thing about using a digitized design, is that it can be resized smaller or larger to fit the scale of your project.   I could not do that with hand guided pantos.    Of course I could not do backtracking circles with hand guilded either!   So naturally, this one is a favorite of mine.   Not too dense, good coverage and very interesting across solids or busy fabrics.

One small enough I could hang!   Lately I’ve had a run of really large quilts.

Thanks Sally for sending me your lovely quilts!