Big, Beautiful and Scrappy Quilts

More computerized edge to edge quilting by Pamela and Pat.   This first one is a really big 120″ scrappy quilt by Pamela that I did not even try to get all in the photos!  Thimbleberries patterns come to mind but I don’t know if this was a specific pattern or blocks she put together herself.   I used” bd 2010 pano 001″  by Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio. 

Before quilting, on the frame

Back view.   I love this design but it is a monster to stitch out at this large size of quilt.   The pattern was sized at 18″ and stitched up and down until it completed one row.  Because of this stitch pattern and large quilt, I could not complete one pass on one bobbin of thread.   It took TWO bobbins per pass to complete.    I don’t think I have ever run a panto that used 14 bobbins of thread before.   I’ll maybe try this on a smaller quilt with pre-wound 60 wt bobbins, otherwise I’ll have to move this one to a more expensive rate edge to edge design.   I really love it though!  So much variety in the design.
The next one is Pat’s beautiful sunshine and shadow style Log Cabin and Stars.   What a great design and fantastic bed quilt.   Another large one, busy fabrics.   I chose a design called  Espresso by Patricia Ritter, expanded to a more open design for this bed quilt with wool batting.  Designs can be run generally from about 5″ to 20″ and are sized to fit the scale of your quilt.

One more scrappy chain style quilt from Pamela.   I used “Abigail” by © 2016 Sarah Ann Myers .   I really like this panto.    One motif swirl design that works so well on busy quilts.

Again, early after the studio flip, still trying to find the best place for lighting and pictures.   Not such great quality photos but they really are beautiful quilts!