New Longarm Setup Day!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity the past week getting ready for the changes going on in my quilting studio.   I have re-located from the upstairs loft area to taking over what was the entry living/dining area of our home.   Here are few pictures of what was going on!

My 26″ now with Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system.  End of Day 2 of Installation
Gizzy supervising the set up (actually he was a little afraid and hung by my feet for most of the install).  Day 1!
My 26″ was moved from upstairs plus set up of the new 22″ which is going in front of my Gravity quilt.

Test Drive time for the new 22″ on my older frame – Day 1.   Hand guilded custom work with this longarm.
Day 2 both installed and ready!

A friend was concerned that it was too crowded.   While not a lot of excess space… there is plenty of space to move freely and not feel confined or squeezed into each area.    I can pass by on 3 sides of both machines.

Behind computer guided machine.  Each tile is approximately 13″ and about the same or more on the 22″ machine.   Plenty to move about and not be cramped.
Some test photos of computerized quilting:

 Now comes the fun part of setting up threads, tools and supplies that I need on a daily basis, tyring to set up zones that work well for running 2 machines.   Some areas will remain upstairs.   I get the entire loft area for my sewing studio now (Yippee – room for a cutting table – I had been  using the bed of the frame).  My client quilt closet will still be upstairs, batting will remain upstairs  and I think I’ll have my desk and files upstairs too.  Not enough space for it all to be in one area in any section of our house!   1 longarm requires a lot of space, 2 machines?   Lots of space needed.   Looking forward to Phase III of doing business with freehand and computerized quilting to meet your needs!