Are you ready for this?!

As I near the close of my 5th year of providing hand guided quilting services for all you wonderful, quilty people that have touched my life, I am gearing up to go to Phase II of my longarm career.  Next week, Innova #2 will be installed complete with Innova’s leading edge Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system.   My immediate family is as excited as I am and I am hoping you will be excited too.

I am making quite a few changes.   My longarm studio will be moved to the entry area of my home and the upstairs loft area will become my dedicated sewing studio which will be awesome.  I will have lots of space when the longarm moves out!    My 26″ Innova will get the computer system and the new 22″ Innova will be my hand guided, custom machine.   I really don’t want to lose those 4″ inches of quilting space, but I’m thinking my body will appreciate the difference as I won’t be stretching as far over your top trying to get to every section minimizing all that advancing back and forth for those large petals and irregular sections on your Judy Niemeyer quilt.  Both machines will be located at the entry area of my home so that I can be steps away from the computer machine while I custom quilt on my 22″ hand guided Innova.

Custom quilting is a labor of love on these giant quilts that you trust me to complete.   They are time consuming, so many points and circles and big spaces to fill!  I love quilting on your beautiful creations, I enjoy the creative process and seeing a design come to life.   Quilts of all styles, big or small from baby to modern, create the interest that keeps me going. Without your trust, I would not be doing this at all!   Custom quilting is my passion  but I enjoy all types of quilts and quilting.  My schedule gets full and I find it difficult to schedule time for your baby quilts or quilts that do not need extensive quilting.  I have had to turn away business because I could not meet your needs on a timely basis.  Or I stress wondering how I can get this finished and work on a few edge to edge in between the customs and stay on schedule.  With this major investment for a 2nd longarm and computer system, I now have the flexibility to provide edge to edge quilting with Auto Pilot and continue to provide hand guided custom quilting at the same time!

I am offering my computerized edge to edge longarm quilting at 2 cents per square inch which INCLUDES batting and thread with a 2-3 week completion time.  That’s a bargain!  At this time, I will not be offering customized computer quilting until I have sufficiently mastered those skills needed to produce quality results.   (Oh my gosh Judy Niemeyer digitized designs!!)  Edge to edge designs will be listed on my blog/website as soon as I get the system and can load.   Until that time, you may email or call me to discuss the type of designs and thread choice your prefer and I can email you on an individual basis what  designs are on the system and we then make a decision if you are not local for a consult.    It’s so exciting!   I can even load your photo and lay that design on top so you get an idea of what that design looks like on your quilt.  Computerized quilting allows for designs that just are not possible hand guided.   I am excited!

There are new and updated pages on my blog.   Mailing info   Order Form     I am at your service to give your quilts the professional finishing touch it deserves.

No new set up photos but here is something lovely to look at!  Carols’ Fire Island Hosta – Queen