Pink Floral Computer Custom Quilting

Yes, I have been trying to teach myself how to use the custom quilting features of my Innova Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system!   I’m jumping out of order and showing this one that uses some set in blocks and borders.   This is an adorable guild quilt for donation somewhere.   The fabrics used were so cute and PINK!   I love pink.


These were a actually X and O block with hearts, except on these busy fabrics they really did not read that way.   I used a flaming heart border and a modified block  for the cornerstones.   This was my first real quilt using set in blocks and a border.  No ditching, only computer guided designs.   I think it turned out really cute.
As usual, so many times we  deal with situations that make the task harder on these charity quilts!   Barely squeezed it in there on that backing.  Normally I like at least 4″ extra on all sides for a total of   8″ longer and wider at minimum, 10″ is better”.

You can see the X and O pattern on the screen, it just doesn’t show on those busy fabric but you do see the hearts and scrolls.
While I have lots more to learn… I am on my way to custom quilting with the digitized designs!   I have since done 1 with a Judy Niemeyer digitzed design for one of her quilt patterns  on my own personal quilt and it worked out great.    I am starting with client quilts in April!    I am so excited to be able to offer this service.   While still very labor intensive, I can offer much more quilting detail inside spaces without intricate marking and I am also able to complete these designs much faster than my hand guided work.  I find so far that I must set up the custom and work it continuously, unlike setting up edge to edge where I can go back to my hand guided custom while the computer stitches out a row on the other machine.   Time will tell, but with designs not being continuous andplaced in individual sections, I pretty much have to stand there for starts and stops.  But I still should be able to complete more than 2 Judy quilts a month for those clients that want digitized designs.   They are beautiful.   You can find them on the Quiltworx website.  Meanwhile, I’ve had a few waiting since they heard I was getting a computer!   I can’t wait to get started.