My Amish With a Twist 3

Nancy Rink has designed 3 versions with the same name for 1, 2 and 3.   I loved #1… never got around to making it.   I  really really loved #2.   Had the good fortune to quilt #2 for a client.   You can see photos of that gorgeous quilt HERE.   Then, I started seeing photos online of #3 and while attending a local show, The Quilt Room nearby was offering this kitted as a BOM.   I signed up. for them to mail to me each month.  I was not going to go for strike 3 on this one.   I made the quilt during my annual August retreat, put it on my schedule to quilt in December… but that didn’t happen.   Slid it into March of this year and it was a scramble getting that 108″ done… but I got it done and mostly stayed on schedule.   I had entered it in St Mary’s non-judged show for April and was sewing the last 3′ of binding while my husband drove me to the drop off location.  Whew… I cut it close!   Still not a proper photo shoot but it’s been 2 months… I need to post and move on.

This quilt is so large, it really creases hard at the center. 

I changed thread on those multi colored blocks.


In progress on the frame

Notice, the quilt is all dark, the batting is Hobbs Midnight Black 80/20.   I had issues right off starting with my tension test on the side.   I was getting white dots on the back.   From where??!!   It’s all dark.   Apparently, the lighter thread color from the backing… see below.

I will wash this and see if the white specks are less noticeable.

See those flecks.  I use titanium, FFG – light ball point needles as my main needle, I tried “R” which is a sharp… did not make a bit of difference.   I was already using a 16 and did not want to try a smaller size needle.    I had to resign myself to my quilting schedule and move on with this backing.  I would have lost a day to go shopping and reload the back.  It seems I have the worst luck with my quilts, rarely ever issues like this on a clients.    My last personal custom was my Gravity in January of 2016…. I had Sew Fine #408 shred and shred,  Even used 2 cones, they both would shred… but the 20 other colors I used had no problems.   I am resigned to the fact  that if it is my quilt… it’s going to give me fits.

Helper day.   Kadie is the black heap under the frame, Gizzy in his little diaper belt and Kricket with toys beside her.   Talk about trying to watch my step as I moved across the frame….   They don’t usually hang out like that with me but for some reason they were showing me some love that day.
In progress pictures.   I take photos so that when I get to the other side, I know what I stitched!

So… not only the white spots… but my navy bottom line bobbin thread created numerous snarls that had to be unpicked and re-stitched.   Ugh.   Why me??

Then, as I’m nearing the finish… I realize where the heck is my binding strips for this quilt?   I never did find it.   A good friend had the same quilt in her projects to be done and “loaned” me her binding and even cut it for me with her die cutter.

And a couple of pics from #2 that I quilted.

I think next time I choose a quilt pattern that I want to make so I can quilt it…. I want it to be about 60″  Whew this one is really too big to hang at our show @ 108″ wide.  I’m not going to put on our bed after all those hours of quilting.   I don’t remember the total and not pulling my notes.  I had budged 25 hours… but it took a lot longer than that.  There is just so much of this thing to quilt.   Done, off my bucket list.   Moving on!