Lou Ann’s Vintage Rose

Lou Ann creating this beautiful quilt using one of the colorways debuted last year from Quiltworx  Red and Black campaign.   I named this quilt “Red Hot Diva Rose” while quilting her this past summer because that pale gray on gray demand…

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Summer Rose, my Vintage Rose Wallhanging

Of course just about everyone in my WWIT (What Was I Thinking) paperpiecing world was so excited with the release of the new Vintage Rose Quiltworx pattern.  Most of us started planning ours immediately.   Denise Green hosted a retreat t…

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Huricane Harvey Update and Custom Quilting Schedules

I wanted to update everyone that all is well at our home.  Our area received about 45″ of rain but our home elevation and drainage in my subdivision served us well.  Lots of devastation all around us as a creek is very nearby that flooded but…

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Another 1st place ribbon for Dogwood Winter

Kathryn Zimmerman’s Dogwood Winter took 1st place at Old Man River Quilt Fest in small wallhanging category!   This is it’s 2nd 1st place ribbon, the other being at Duluth, Minnesota Quilters Quilt Show.

No pictures from Vicksburg but we had friends in Duluth and got photos!
Congratulations Kathryn!   It sure is exciting seeing these pieces that I longarm quilted win ribbons!

A fellow Innovian was at the show and tagged me in her photos!   Thanks Teresa!

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Annual August Twelve Pines Quilt Retreat 2017

Once again we had an amazing time of creativity and fellowship during our retreat this year.  Often, we laughed until tears streamed down our faces!   We have a great group of ladies, many have been at all our August Twelve Pine Retreats as well as other events together.  Lots of long hours of sewing but oh my gosh look at the results.   Highlights of some of that productivity are posted here.

Amazon Star and 2 Vintage Rose WIP and a finished one
Chasing Rainbows

Part of HMQG Mystery Quilt 2017

From Ricky Tims Convergence books

We did have an ER trip this year, rotary cutter incident requiring SEVEN stitches.  Be careful out there!   With her 4 year old UFO that she made amazing progress on.

She finished at home yesterday!!!!!  Summer Solstice with the queen extensions from a Glacier Star.  We all love her tan/black version.  So elegant.

Blinged up!

There were some finishes that I did not even get a picture of!   Shake it out, show it and fold it up before I could get photos.  I enjoy this group of ladies so much!   We already had our 2018 dates booked.   Pam’s retreat center dates were filling up, so we jumped on booking our 2019 dates for Denise’s teaching retreats and our open sew retreat.  All set for the next 2 years!  Many groups upon finding that 2018 dates were not available have already started booking for 2019 to get the dates they want.   I’m so happy our friend is doing well and staying booked.  It’s an easy drive from my home and has everything I need.  Each person has a 6′  table with space for extension tables.  Amazing lighting, design walls around the room.  Pam cooks and on my gosh can she cook.  She has salads, veggies, entrée and dessert with lunch and dinner.   I love all the vegetables and fruilts that she prepares for each meal.  These ladies, this retreat… oh they keep me dreaming of the next time! 
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Lakeshore Sunrise – custom quilting

Carol did a splendid job of piecing this beautiful quilt and adding borders to make it bed sized for use in one of her guest bedrooms.   She selected the Quiltworx digital design for her Lakeshore Sunrise.  The fabrics are all cottons, not a batik in sight.  The colors remind me of early fall in Tennessee.



Some problems I encountered was that the digital design for this area was too large for my frame and I could not find a place to alter the design.   Sometimes you can split the design to break it down into small sections but this one runs back and forth over large areas instead of completing one feather curl at a time.  But as luck would have it, once I sized the outer border, it also was too long to stitch in “chunks” as I traveled down the frame.  Turning was a definite requirement for this quilt to stitch the outer borders and that big inner unit.


Photo taken as that design stitched.   the darker green area was stitched and you can see I could not split along the spine because it runs up one way then back the other, then back down to pick up the 3rd curl.
You see from tip to tip, this design is over 26″   My frame, for best calculations I estimate @ 21″ quiltable area as I near the end of a large quilt and having my ruler base on the machine.

I love the way my Innova loads.  It’s so easy to see if my edges are tracking straight.

Borders were added.   I used the border from Sunflower Illusions.  It was a great fit for Carol’s outer border and matches the style of feather very well.   The 2 other borders I used a design called Shangri-La (love the leaves that match the border fabric) and a pearl circle border.

I used the variegated in the bobbin.   While I did not start out with 1 of those a full cone, I pretty much used up everything on it and a 2nd…  A full cone shown for reference for both colors used.  A lot of thread.   13 bobbins!
My workspace.  Where it all happens!  In the foreground is my handguided 22″ Innova, in the background is my 26″ Innova with Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system.  Not a lot of space… but enough!
Thank you Carol for letting me quilt for you!   If you are interested in having me custom longarm quilt for you, check out my website HERE.

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Small Quilts Edge to Edge Quilting

Lou Ellen has been busy clearing out lots of small quilts lately plus working on her very detailed quilts that she loves to make.   She stay busy!   These are all so cute.   Oh my gosh do I love that fur like minkee!  That was the longest plushest that I have ever worked with.  I need some for my granddaughters.

Cute fabrics too
These were made from the same fabrics, similar designs yet different.

 It’s always a pleasure to work on such cute quilts!   If you are interested in having me custom machine quilt or edge to edge longarm maching quilt for you please contact me or you can review more information on my website.

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More Donation Quilts Quilts for Veterans

OK, I did it again.   I’m running on exhaustion for way too long now.  My own projects are not getting done.   This makes 31 in the past 13 months… Not counting my project for myeloma or guilds large quilt projects. &nbs…

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Quilting Retreat at And Sew It Began

Fantastic retreat center in La Porte, TX.   A short 50 minute drive from one side of Houston to the other side for me!   And a step back in time.   Check out Rhonda’s retreat center and quilt shop HERE.  And Sew It Began is the name of the retreat, Pieceful Stitches is the name of her Quilt Shop a few steps from the retreat center’s door.

I was invited last minute to attend a 3 night retreat not far from my home.   I knew some of the ladies from guild but had never had an opportunity to spend any time with them.  It’s a really hectic time right now, I’ve had health issues, thunderstorm issues, dog health issues, software issues on my computerized machine that set me back a few day (if you are standing over that running examples and trying this and trying that – neither machine is making any progress on your quilt)… you have heard it all before.  Life, that’s what that is.   Living!  We are not machines, there is only so much we can accomplish each day and sometimes life interferes and we accomplish nothing on the longarm.  Meanwhile my own projects and household needs are neglected trying to play the catch up game on the longarm.   Even though I do have my retreat that has been scheduled for the past year coming up very soon… I jumped on the opportunity for a long weekend of sewing.   I’m so glad I did go!

One side of dining room, a guest room that sleeps 4 is beyond the doorway.  Ground floor, walk in shower.
Per her website, this was a screened in porch that has been enclosed and set up as a sleeping area if needed.   No privacy and a walkway to exit the house but hey – if needed it’s there and it sure looks cute too.

Extra seating in dining room

living aea

stairs, narrow.   Not a problem for me, but could be for some.  3 group bedrooms are upstairs

My room!   30’s room

Bathroom in each bedroom unit

Red Room

Civil War Room

Retreat center just a few steps from the back door of the house
Rhonda showed us her quilt she finised the binding on.  Several ladies bought that Owl pattern at her shop.

6 interior petals are sewn together!   Backing I picked up @ Pieceful Stitches quilt shop there on the property.

Tina made good progress on her Prismatic Star.   I made her put on the wall so I could see it all together.   I see we flipped one purple section!    Looks amazing!  made from Jelly roll strips.

Isn’t that cat fabulous!   She made based on a photo of her cat.

Cross Stitch!

One on the table there packed up before I could get a photo.

Everyone dreaded this section on Vintage Rose.   40 pieces in each strip set!

Shower Curtain!

Unfinished raw ednges.   Hemmed and grommets added.  

Strips will be cut up for one border on my quilt.   Border fabric for this or some other quilt… Picked up @ Painted Pony quilt shop 5 mintues from retreat center

Driveway and entrance into retreat center.
to the left is the quilt shop and to the right is the house

While there, landscapers came and planted beds in one day around the new quilt shop to the left of the retreat center.   Looks fantastic!

My final color placement.

Big rocks being set up on day 2 of landscaping.   It was entirely edged with the big rock.

A quilt Paula brought to show.   Her grandmother made many years ago when she was 10, made from her clothing from when she lived in Hawaii.

On the Wall, Oopsy Daisy.   16 preplanned “oops” in the quilt.  How fun!

Lots of projects, lots of progress.  Some are so fast to pack up their finished project and move on the the next… that I did not even get a picture!  We are already planning the next one.  Great time with some awesome ladies and quilters.  I fully enjoyed the facilities as well.
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Pricing Updates for Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting

As I approach the one year anniversary of when I ordered my 2nd Innova longarm with Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system,  I must re-evaluate the pricing I established at that time and bring it back up from my introductory offer.   Many thanks to my loyal clients and the new clients that have brought business to me which helps support my family.   Initially for this time period I had offered a flat rate billing, all inclusive but even computerized is very labor intensive!  Effective August 1st, for all quilts received from that date my pricing will be the same for moderate density edge to edge longarm quilting, but will contain an additional line item charge for batting and thread.  Same pricing as I had in effect from 2011 to fall of 2016.  I do so appreciate each and every one of you and I do hope I will continue to quilt for you in the future!

I also have made the switch to primarily all Quilters Dream batting products.  I love their products and I think you will too if you are not already familiar with their batting.  I carry their 80/20;  70/30, Puff and Wool.  I do have some other battings on hand so inquire if you want something  else.  I also will use your quality battings as well if I am familiar with the brand and know how they quilt up.

Visit my website for complete information about pricing or quilt prep for my custom longarm machine quilting and/or for my edge to edge longarm machine quilting services.


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