Alice’s Thankful Thanksgiving quilt

I’ve been saving this one because Alice wanted to wait until after a recent local show to post pictures.  She hand pieced most of the blocks using up her stash of novelty thanksgiving theme fabrics.  Fabrics left over went on the back!

Alice requests that the thread used on the black blend with the fabrics, one color, no matter what is going on with the top thread.   She is so insistent, she doesn’t not mind getting that pop of color that sometimes pulls through when speed changes or directional changes, in fact she finds that when that happens she like the color changes.   Luckily, no pops… those straight lines you see used BLACK on top!  I have explained a judge does not want to see color pops on the front or the back.   It’s a very stressful situation as many hours go into quilting a 26″ pass by  however wide that quilt is, before any advancing occurs to actually see what has happened on the backside with tension. Matching thread, a little tug to one side or the other is not seen.  Personally, it can get ugly I think!  As long as she understands and approves… that’s what I do.   I usually don’t like variegated thread for that very reason.  I do not want that thread pop when you have light to dark in that variegated thread and a blender used in the bobbin.

It’s another quilt on the back.

I used digital designs on these blocks.   The blocks used 5 designs from the Autumn Fancy set

And one design and border from the Pumpkin Fest set.  Ditched by hand, detail work in patchwork and panel blocks were handguided.  Quilters Dream Wool batting was requested for extra loft.