Suzie’s Paradise in Blooms

This is my 6th time to quilt a Paradise in Blooms quilt, a Quiltworx, Judy Niemeyer pattern!  This one will become a bed quilt and originally was to be lighter custom but Suzie saw the one I quilted for Lou Ellen in a similar colorway and really liked the quilting dimension she saw in the photos.  We changed a few things around, different feathers, double batting.  It really pops!  I used Quilters Dream 70/30 with Quilters Dream Wool on top for nice dimension and a variety of Glide, Isacord and Superior threads.

Suzie took it straight from the box and had to see in in the bedroom it will grace once binding is complete.  Beautiful!

What an awesome embroidered label she made directly onto one of the backing fabric panels.

even with busy fabrics you still see a good deal of detail from the back

I added a little geometric design to the bottom corners.

What a lovely quilt to sleep under.  I really like the QD combo of battings.    Not too puffy in in the larger areas but enough to really make a difference compared to 1 batting.  Thank you Suzie for the opportunity to quilt for you and I’m looking forward to seeing what is under your needle next!
As for me…I’m approaching 2 years that my Paradise in Blooms has been a stalled work in progress.   Someday!