My Prismatic Star One Stitch Closer

My schedule has been so hectic with so little personal time for even household stuff, much less my own projects.   I just added them up, I’ve quilted 12 charity quilts so far this year, with 2 more on hand to be quilted in April.  One was a queen size lovely quilt that I also donated the batting for that is going to a new local women’s shelter.  Another is this quilt that I made entirely to donate for my son to use for fund raising for myeloma. I needed a quick project, I asked Denise Green to pull fabrics for me.  She sent me a box of fabrics, a color coded worksheet with the fabrics glued in.   I was ready to get to work on this one!   We love Judy quilt patterns!

This is Prismatic Star.   I also quilted it with a digitized custom set designed just for this pattern.  Both Judy Niemeyer – Quiltworx patterns.   I was torn, it’s such a fun layout for custom quilting  – hand guided.  But it also offered the perfect opportunity to experiment with the digitized sets on  my own quilt and not yours!  I played it safe, I really wanted to use a light lavender thread… but opted in the end to use a matching blue.  I played it safe all the way through and set most units with about a 1/4″ space from the edges of each unit too.   I needed this done and no ripping!   I’m so happy it turned out pretty nice.  Now, I’m confident to start on a few client quits waiting on digitized custom quilting.

auditioning pieced binding

center detail

Gosh I love those feathers!  Digitized design.  Hand guided ditching
Show and Tell @ Houston Modern Quilt Guild (yes… I know this is NOT modern but they tolerate me LOL)
I even finished in time for a little local exhibit in The Woodlands and WAQG.  Those bold colors really presented well.  That afternoon, the sun was shining just right and from the ground floor I could see every feather!  Those matching threads need that side light to present well.
A little video, that digital quilting is mesmerizing.   The stitch pattern on this is so different from how we would quilt this freehand.   I love seeing that long sweeping line meet up with that hook time after time.

I am really excited for next year, one of my good friends, Lou Ellen, has offered to team with me for next year’s quilt.  She is an award winning amazing quilter with a passion for “judy” quilts and I am so excited she offered to help.  She has lost 2 family members to myeloma so this project is near and dear to her heart.   We requested  our good friend Denise of Holly Dee Quilts to help us with thinking about colors/fabrics and to kit up something gorgeous for us to work on this fall.  At present we are thinking about Feathered Star (another Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx pattern).   The color to represent myeloma is burgundy and the color for leukemia is orange so I’m hoping we get some of those colors in there.  I’m pretty partial to burgundy as a favorite color and my hubby and this son both are graduates of TAMU.

I also want to share this is my first born son (we have 4) and I an so proud of the person he has always been and continues to be.  Read a little about him and his work here   Larry Anderson  The quilt has shipped, I’m not sure how it will be presented this year but funds raised will be going to the myeloma foundation.     Here are a few of the local projects right now:

From his facebook page:  Please participate or donate to help find a cure for the 400 Myeloma patients that I take care of. 5/7/17 Cotton Bowl Stadium…/Team/View/31336/UTSW-A-Team

Cancer Blows:  

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My little part…. One stitch closer to curing myeloma.