Dogwood Winter

Kathryn Zimmerman has been busy again creating this feathered star appliqued piece that she had custom quilted by me.  It is back in her hands again getting blinged up a little.  I look forward to seeing the completed project.



Do note that this piece did arrive with rouched trim and flowers, stuffed flower centers and some beading already on the top.   These embellishments to make it difficult to quilt.   Note the placement of the ruler over one stuffed center.  Very difficult to press hard enough on the ruler to get a flat edge anywhere on this top.  Pressing that hard with my shoulder injury creates  problems for me for the next 6 months when it gets aggravated and I have no breaks in my quilting schedule to heal.  Or the potential to hit the ruler with my needle breaking it and messing up my timing.

Shortly after this was quilted, a friend was at an applique class and posted pictures of a beautiful flower arrangement in raised 3D applique.    This made me wonder how the heck DO you quilt a quilt with that many embellishments and raised detail.   Many flowers appeared to be 1″ or higher, there was a separate ribbon and bow winding through one piece.    I’m not even sure as the maker I would want that rolled onto the bars of the longarm.  I suppose those are reserved for the hand quilter?
Thank you Kathryn and good luck with this piece.   If you are in the area in March, you can view this in the Pigeon Forge quilt show, their 23rd annual event, A Mountain Quiltfest   3/21-3/25.   This was the first larger quilt show that I ever attended and took classes back in 2001. I had no idea they were that new in the quilt show world though.   They all were new to me!