Brown and Blue Stars

Another lovely bed quilt for Sally.  This was large!   If you count the blocks, there are 50…. FIFTY large blocks used counting the star blocks, alternate blocks, setting triangles and corner setting triangle units.  


I was seeking fast alternatives for this quilt,  if you average 1 hour per block that’s 50 hours – plus borders.  Sally does not like feathers so that eliminated most time saving one stop/start designs from my standard bag of tricks.  Continuous curves would be great in the star blocks but the more open blocks screamed ruler work to me but that gets costly too.  I have a hard time keeping things on the light side of custom!  I am not proficient at custom on my computerized system yet, in fact no formal training for custom at all was given.  I am working through screens now but not still working on scrap projects.   This would have been a perfect quilt for computerized quilting, to drop in a gorgeous block over each unit.  So… that left … Stencils!   I had a few that worked well with the design, however as usual not quiet as large as I would have liked, they did hit some key elements nicely within the blocks.
I finally settled on a stencil and freehand viney design for the border that I tried to incorporate the leaf in the print.   What I had forgotten was how bouncy that chalk is!    Not my favorite technique at all…. but it is a nice look on this quilt.