Amy’s Blogger Quilt Festival – Large Quilt

I’m entering my Gravity quilt into the large quilt category.   Technically, it could be considered scrappy as there are 112 fabrics in it….   but I did not make from scraps so I opted for Large Category

I’m sure most of you have seen this quilt, a number of versions can be found online.   I really loved making and quilting this one!   My original post can be found here

Be sure to visit to vote for your favorites
My last entry for this event.   I loved in the spring she hosted an instagram event, that worked nicely for sharing photos.   Last year I entered and my friends and myself could not get on, could not get pages to load (so many ads!).   Entries were on there, then when voting started…. My 2 entries were each on there 2 times!!!   She had some issues, had to close the event then re-open and when it re-opened there were 2.   Votes were counted separately and my comments ignored.
This year…. I would vote and then it would immediately forget that I voted.   Amy said this was happening to others, but never reported it was corrected.   I tried a few times on the last day to vote, and I would get the message saying I was not allowed to vote.
So there you have it.   Never again will I waste time posting to this festival.