Our 5th Annual WWIT Retreat

Recently 20 of us attended what was my 5th August retreat since moving to this area.   Several of us have been at all 5 and most of us have been retreating together several times a year for a number of years.  I almost didn’t make it due to my knee.  Pam at the retreat center has things all under control but my GP had added a new med and wanted me to wear a knee wrap type brace.   It made a world of difference in my pain level.  Crazy 4.5 months out and I’m still dealing with chronic pain and mobility issues.  Saw a new Dr last week, new PT group.  Hopefully progress there as well.   But at retreat, lots of progress for everyone, lots of fun, lots of good food.   Random photos, no editing!  Some show and tell from work prior to the retreat too so no not all this was done this week.

My wallhanging size Mariner’s Compass is a top, backing pieced, binding made and hanging in my quilting closet.   It’s been on the schedule for a long time and was estimated to be completed in April but I missed that retreat.

Twelve Pines Retreat, well lit, lots of space, good food, not far from Houston area. Crazy talented ladies I am proud to call my friends.  Feels like going home and I am always sad to leave!   Our dates were booked in January for August 2019 and 2020.  Meanwhile we do have a few retreats before then on the books hosted by others.  Until next time  Quilt On!