Kathys Vintage Rose quilt

Cathy’s beautiful purple and beige Vintage Rose with the full pieced borders.  There are several variations of this quilt for the borders.
Lots of purple in this one!  I do love purple too.   Cathy wanted matching thread to the fabric so I choose only 1 thread  for most of the purples.  The lights in the small pieced border did get a lighter purple, but that still made 3 purples that I used.   Invisifil for ditching, the one lighter purple for that border then all the rest I used Damson Glide.  I knew those solid like colors would look awesome with Jessica Schicks design for Vintage Rose in those borders and it did not disappoint.  I used some digital designs from Jessica, Wasatch and some hand guided longarm quilting to customize this quilt.
This makes #3 VR that I have quilted, I have 4 more in the line up! All 4 very different from the 3 I have quilted.   3 I already have in house, they will be coming up for their turn soon!