Fade to Purple

I saw this quilt @ a booth at QuiltCon – Savannah this year and knew I had to make it.   I not only made it but also made the quilt that was hanging next to it at her booth too!   It’s a long story on finding fabrics but along the way I discovered Riley Blake Confetti Cotton solids.  They had the 5 purples I needed.

Here she is, my Fade to Purple.   Pattern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  All the quilt top fabrics are Confetti Cotton Solids, threads are Glide and MicroQuilter, maybe 1 Magnifico.  Bobbin threads are Glide 60 wt which I LOVE.   Batting is QD 70/30.  I love the finish!

My quilt hanging at Houston Quilt Market – Riley Blake booth!  What a thrill.  Look at the props they brought in to coordinate with it.  Wish I had this wall at home.

 My design progress at home.

A finish in October at a retreat with Houston Modern Quilt Guild members.  Woohoo!  The show is 10 days away.  Can I get it quilted?   I do have a longarm business and other market clients that have not brought their quilts yet. Plus a custom was already on my hand guided longarm.

Gosh I love how it looks loaded on the frame.   I do love some purple fabrics!
Everything was ditched with white Superior’s Micro Quilter except for the little triangles above and the purple centers.   I marked  with chalk registration lines for the centers of my feathers and where  the first grid hits at intersections.

Border details.   I wanted to do more… but I had no time.   This total plan was even more hours than I had budgeted.  Freehand circles… no time in my plan for templates and I could not even mark.  If I can mark the placement at the corners… I can usually adjust the line and get a good looking turn.   But I could not mark.   It is what it is….  I joke my u turns at the turns in the triangle tips look like the arms of a saguaro cactus!

Purple threads for top and bottom pulled

White details

I was sitting down taking a break when I see behind the level bar… unquilted area.  Uh oh

My first thought was I forgot the outer feathers…. but NO!   I took off doing the inside feathers with the first grid instead of the OUTSIDE feathers, then the 2nd grid line, then the inside feathers.   Rippit, Rippit.  GRRRR   I did not have that in my time line.  Parts of the feather grid are stitched 3 times to eliminate starts and stops
Another design fail.  I originally planned this design in white for those units but did not like the way the seam created a 3rd line.   Ruined it.  Rippit it again and on to plan B.
Working tired… Oh my gosh I started doing it again!  At least only 1 section to rip.

Another issue.  Riley Blake wanted to showcase this quilt @ Market but did not want to stress me on time.   If I didn’t get it done, they wanted to use it @ Quilt Con next year.  But of course living here…. I wanted to see it hang at Houston.  Plus, I can’t go to CA for Quilt Con.   Due to my time constraints, I could not use markers.   I was going to have to glue baste the binding on and I would be heat setting those chemicals into my white border.   Only chalk and blacklight for registration marks.   I also had to tame down my plans for the outer border because no way could I get it done using any matchstick or dense designs.  Rather frustrating because I wanted to make this quilt so that I could do some fun quilting on it.

I loved the linear quilting design on Victoria’s  quilt.   But I could not see modifying the designs in any way that would not still look like her quilting plan.  The quilt is modern due to the fabrics, but also very traditional designs.   I opted to feather it to death in the purples and create a linear look with the white diamonds for each grid having different designs.  I did quilt my borders similar to Victoria’s.  it was a fantastic look for the finish I thought.  
A Riley Blake backing as well.   Too fun!   I forgot the line right now though.
This is where is all started!   Victoria’s quilt in her booth at Quilt Con 2017 Savannah.   Star Storm is to the left… I have 2 wedges left to finish for that quilt too!   I later learned this was her QuiltCon reject entry for the show… which makes my choice to feather even more appropriate.  I love the solids and geometric style but oh do I love my feathers too.