Lou Ann’s Vintage Rose

Lou Ann creating this beautiful quilt using one of the colorways debuted last year from Quiltworx  Red and Black campaign.   I named this quilt “Red Hot Diva Rose” while quilting her this past summer because that pale gray on gray demands so much attention to create each segment of the quilt.  And yeah, I made mine white on white so I have had that issue 2xs now.

Tossed over bed with pillows for a quick photo
I was once again challenged by not being able to mark designs.  I took a Qtip dampened with water and rubbed on a red fabric on the outside edge.  My Qtip turned red.  She would not be soaking or washing and we could not take a chance on any of the reds bleeding due to the removal of blue markers.   Of course in Texas high humidity, it is impossible to mark all your spines prior to loading with an air eraseable marker.   Plus I generally don’t trust those, I sometimes can’t mark all the design in my current stitching area before it starts erasing!   I also had an experience with an air erase that the 2nd day those marks re-appeared too. No big deal, I damped a Qtip and erased that dot but … Weird.   Plus generally, I like the idea that those quilts are soaked and chemicals removed.   My chalk pencil would show on red but I only needed to mark a spine on the petals for that feather.   The main areas to be marked was on the light gray.   I was crushed.   I made a simple feather that I felt I could mostly replicate from corner to corner as I came to each unit.   It is so disappointing on a clean palate like this to have your hands tied because you can’t mark.    I would mark the wave of the feather with chalk, turn off the lights, blinds etc and use my black light to halfway see that.   Compounded because you can’t mark the entire border on the sides, chalk will rub off so its a mark as you go.   Not the unity or designs I had hoped for either but it is what it is.
All hand guided custom longarm quilting.   QD Wool over QD 70/30.  One of the rare times I used only 2 threads!  Light gray for most of the detail and ditching and 1 red on the reds.
Her quilt finished 1st in it’s category at her local guild show last week.  You all may remember Lou Ellen’s Paradise in Bloom that I quilted last year?  That came in 2nd and my Amish with a Twist came in 3rd!   Prepared kits /BOM categories.   Clean sweep on that category, all quilted by me!  Congratulations Lou Ann on that 1st Place!