Summer Rose, my Vintage Rose Wallhanging

Of course just about everyone in my WWIT (What Was I Thinking) paperpiecing world was so excited with the release of the new Vintage Rose Quiltworx pattern.  Most of us started planning ours immediately.   Denise Green hosted a retreat to offer tips and techniques last May for this quilt which upon reviewing, I don’t have any pictures on my blog!   I started mine at the retreat in May this past year and managed to get mine all pieced and quilted in time for a local show.

The interior of the petals are digital designs.   The upper half is Jessica Schick, the lower half is from Wasatch.    The zigzag petals and backgrounds areas are hand guided.

I loved the rose detail.   I had a hard time stitching over my piecework but loved the rose motif.   I added a curl to each side, ditched the units and echoed the outside edge all around.


When the light shines just right, you can see the details so clearly on the back, otherwise straight on you just see that beautiful fabric.   As much as I love to see quilting detail on the back, I needed a no fuss backing that I did not have to worry about thread build up or starts and stops.   Of course digital designs, I really don’t have to worry about that.   Starts and stops are so very well controlled and I bury thread ends.

Close up of thread and that beautiful rose!

 There are so many color options with this quilt that it is mind boggling.   I opted to go an easy route just so I could get started.   White as my main background and petals.  Rainbow centers.  Of course, I estimated 3 maybe 4 days for quilting.   It’s digital designs and its only 72″.   Wrong.   I had 8 full days on this!  Every motif, you get one of.  You have to copy, rotate and make that design fit each individual space.  You have to create that space on your computer, then fit that design to your space.    You can’t set up too many in advance because as you stitch you create shrinkage.  I also stand over each block as it stitches to help ensure it stays within it’s boundaries and of course to bury threads for the start and stop on each design.  Everything with the exception of a couple of units geese was ditched with white Invisfil thread.  I used only 1 layer of batting, QD wool.

I started longarm quilting this after the threat of power loss and surges of Hurricane Harvey calmed down.  We had 45″ of rain recorded at my house.  While the yard was soaked and water would to the curb in the street, our house is elevated and no thread of water coming inside.  We did spring a leak on Day 4 of the rains but it was from around a vent and not actual roof damage.   Sheetrock repairs are needed inside.  In addition, a group of raccoons found a little area to get inside our attic!  Hurricane Harvey followed y 9 nights of raccoon activity made for 16 nights that I had little sleep.   We finally got them all moved out and the area screened up.  Wagner Inn is closed!   One little guy was so distraught…. he wanted back INSIDE!