More Donation Quilts Quilts for Veterans

OK, I did it again.   I’m running on exhaustion for way too long now.  My own projects are not getting done.   This makes 31 in the past 13 months… Not counting my project for myeloma or guilds large quilt projects.   Just quilting donation quilts.  At an average of 5 hours a quilt… that’s 155 hours.   I worked Friday night and Saturday to get these 2 done.  Meanwhile my quilt that I already registered to show at Conroe is not even finished with the piecing.. .much less quilting!   But… when there is a need and everyone is in the same boat… you gotta do what you must do.

I worried over wanting to custom quilt the veteran one  (Conroe is doing a presentation at this year’s show to veterans) but I just did not have the time.   Can you believe how the pantograph ended up framing that center???   I could have spent hours planning something like that and it just worked out that way.   Gave me goosebumps to see this stitch out!

Plus one more for the auction.   This was a round robin quilt by one of the bees.   I think their layout is awesome!

Feather design run large.  This was a large quilt.
Which brings up another issue that I have from time to time.   I find myself in situations where not only do I have to donate my time… but I must donate the batting too.   I am not wealthy.  My husband is unemployed.  I only get about 10 large quilts on a roll of batting.  The capital to order 2 or 3 rolls of batting at a time is not cheap.  I tend to order the end of the month… and then get hit with having to supply batting for these projects leaves me 2nd guessing sometimes if I will have enough batting to get through to the next shipment.  Anyway… it’s good to help.   I just have to have a break. This week was 2 guild meetings back to back.   It’s a mad dash taking off work early, changing out of thread covered clothes.   My family doesn’t get fed… I grab something leftover from the fridge.  Drive 30 minutes to an hour…. just to sit quietly and not talk and listen to a meeting.  I already work alone all day… then have to sit and be quiet for a few hours is brutal.  Then drive back home getting home about 10pm.   Repeat the next day.  I know without worker bees – there are no groups but I must take a backseat for the next year or so.  I have 3 big projects to finish out then  I may not even attend many meetings.   The rushing and late nights on top of my early morning and long working days just takes a toll on me.   I need to re-group and do what I need for me, my family and my business.